Fur Licking Safe Ingredients

Arrowroot Powder:

Is an excellent subsitute for talc and is non-GMO (unlike many corn starches on the market). Arrowroot Powder absorbs oil while giving our Dried Botanical Pet Shampoos their light and extra silky feel.


Bentonite Clay:

Originates from volcanic ash and can absorb more than its own mass in water. It removes oils and toxins, and makes for a wonderful detox. Bentonite Clay has better slip than other clays; making it wonderful at preventing diaper rash and chafing. 


Neem Leaf Powder:

Neem has long been regarded for its pest repellant properties and is often mixed in dog food by pet owners to combat intestinal parasites. (Note we are not promoting our Dried Botanical Pet Shampoo as a medicinal treatment for tick and flea infestations.)


Magnesium Carbonate:

Is a mineral salt know for its absorbant qualities and ability to balance the skin's PH. It absorbs oils and odor, while repairing the skin's barrier. Acts as an excellent anti-caking agent.



We strictly use dried botanicals milled inhouse for freshness in liberal amounts to scent the product at the strength level nature intended your pet to be exposed to. Our commitment to not use liquid scents, be they synthetic fragrance oils or essential oils, makes our product the best on the market in terms of nurturing and protecting your pet against sensitivity reactions, and accelerating the oil/ odor absorbtion performance of our dry shampoos.